My primary aim is to create beauty in the world.

My art allows me to both create beauty u0026amp; support others who are keeping the world beautiful. I donate 4% of my profits to groups like Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, The Ocean Cleanup, and the Earth Day Network.

If you’d like to clean up the ocean by supporting my art, go ahead and become a patron, buy my book (coming soon), or shop my tiny house store (coming soon).

I love making people’s lives easier.

If I get a kickback for recommending something at no cost to you, then why not? I see it as a complete win win. Some links are affiliate ones. Some are not.

I will always recommend the best, my favorite, or the one I use regardless of whether I get paid for it or not. You’ll just have to trust my integrity, but I have to live with myself and I have a very difficult time keeping secrets for more than an hour. I am not a good liar, so I don’t try.